Our Clan

The Maniacs of Gaming (abbreviated MoG) were brought to life in 2004.

MoG entered Halo 2 on Microsoft’s first Xbox. Since then the clan has been sticking to Microsoft’s console series and went from the Xbox 360 to the current generation – the Xbox One.

2013, after some years of moderate activity, the clan started looking for new members in Call fo Duty: Black Ops 2.

That was the beginning of Maniacs of Gaming as the online gaming community that we are today.

At the moment we are focusing on the current Call of Duty release and Overwatch. But we are always looking for new team-based games, therefore we recently took Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege into our game lineup.

For the sake of variety, we are also casually active in Rocket League and FIFA Football.

Having a good time together always comes first. Of course, we are aiming for victory, but if we are facing an superior enemy, we
stick together and at least show them that we are not willing to give away this win for free!

Our Team

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