Our membership agreement


The Maniacs of Gaming (abbreviated MoG) are an collective of like-minded gamers (hereinafter also referred to as ‘clan’). Fairness, team play and fun are our central values.
This membership agreement was written by the clan leadership in order to protect our members and to ensure the good reputation of the clan.
A respectful interaction with all players as well as compliance with the general etiquette is taken for granted.


§ 1 Clan leadership

( 1 ) The clan leadership is represented by the founders MoG Alucard212 and MoG Zalgow.
The clan leadership has the following rights:

  • Decision on the admission of members
  • Decision on the exclusion of members
  • Decision on the setup of the clan council
  • Changes to the membership agreement
  • Preperation and conclusion of contracts
  • Dissolution of the clan

( 2 ) The clan council consists of members who support the clan leadership in its tasks and contribute to the decision-making process.
Decisions and resolutions within the clan council were made majoritarian.
The overall responsibility remains with the clan leadership.


§ 2 Membership

( 1 ) The minimum age is 16.

( 2 ) A simultaneous membership in another clan is not permitted, as well as the participation in external clan tournaments as a temporary helper and wearing a different clan identifier (hereinafter also referred to as ‘clan tag’).

( 3 ) New members are referred to as trial members for the duration of two weeks. After this trial period the decision will be made, whether the membership will be continued as full member or terminated entirely.

( 4 ) Retired members have to remove the clan tag directly. If the clan tag is part of the username (in the following also called ‘gamer tag’), it has to be changed within two weeks.


§ 3 Fees

We do not charge any membership fee. Donations of various kinds are welcome, if you are interested please contact the clan leadership.


§ 4 Social Behaviour

( 1 ) Mutual consideration, acceptance and respect for other players, regardless of their ethical, political or religious origin or affiliation, are of paramount importance. Dislikes and personal disputes do not belong in-game.

Any disputes between members should be clarified outside the game. In case of serious issues the clan leadership can be involved and will take a mediating role if necessary.

( 2 ) Insults and excessive vulgar language are to be omitted, provocations should be ignored. Anyone who acts inappropriately should remember that being a member also means representing the clan.


§ 5 Behaviour during the game

( 1 ) A match will not be left early.

( 2 ) During clan wars or training sessions any disturbance should be avoided. Pay attention to the person who leads the team tactically or leads the training. Comments which help the team (so-called ‘call outs’) are absolutely welcome.

( 3 ) When setting up a team, clan members have to be preferred over other players. If necessary, non-members have to free the position in the team.


§ 6 Usage of illegal utilities

( 1 ) Illegal utilities are cheats or hacks (aim bots, wall hacks, …) as well as all other modifications that are not officially approved and give an unfair advantage to its user.
Members are not allowed to use these utilities. This applies to all games, where you compete as member of the clan.

( 2 ) Regarding all other games, members act at their own risk. If their behaviour leads to a ban or other restrictions that affect the activity of the member or the reputation of the clan, appropriate consequences will be drawn.


§ 7 Communication

( 1 ) Participation in our WhatsApp chat groups is mandatory, but each member is allowed to mute them.
The information group is used by the clan leadership to announce important information and may not be used by members.

( 2 ) In the chat groups, voice messages should be omitted. Furthermore, the distribution of religious, xenophobic, illegal, sexual or similar images and texts is prohibited. Inappropriate behaviour or spam leads to a temporary exclusion from the chat groups or further consequences.


§ 8 Activity

( 1 ) Every member should participate actively to the clan life.

( 2 ) Foreseeable or longer lasting absence is to be reported to the clan leadership.

( 3 ) The commited participation in events (clan wars, trainings, …) is obliging and only be excused by sufficient justification.

( 4 ) Working or school life may not be neglected.


§ 9 Appearance

( 1 ) Gamer tags must not include illegal, xenophobic or other content that can harm the reputation of the clan.

( 2 ) It is mandatory to wear the clan tag as soon as a game offers this feature.

( 3 ) It is not obligatory to create a profile picture which contains clan elements. Though, this is welcome. The profile picture may also not contain illegal, xenophobic or other reputation-harming contents.

( 4 ) Each member is free to insert the clan tag into his gamer tag, but it must exactly conform to the following convention:
MoG [player name] (MoG[blank][player name])
Please note that the length of a gamer tag is limited to 12 characters.
Furthermore, the clan will not refund the costs for changing the gamer tag. This is especially valid if the change is asked by the clan leadership when a member leaves the clan.

( 5 ) Secondary accounts are not permitted.


§ 10 Misbehaviour and Consequences

( 1 ) In case of slight misbehaviour members will be reminded , in serious or repeated cases members are issued a formal warning.
Several warnings over a certain period lead to the members exclusion from the clan. Quantity and time period are considered individually.

( 2 ) In verified cases of abuse because of ethnical, political or religious origin or affiliation, as well as verified violations of the membership agreement, a member can be excluded from the clan directly and without prior warning.

( 3 )  Depending on the offence, civil or criminal prosecution may follow.


§ 11 Complaints

( 1 ) Every member has the right to file a formal complaint against another member. In case of serious offences against our rules the exclusion of the indicted member may be the consequence. These effects should be considered and a amicable solution should be the preferred goal.

( 2 ) The decision about the exclusion from the clan is made by the clan leadership in consultation with the clan council.


§ 12 Data storage, usage and protection

( 1 ) Your data will be stored and used for the following purposes.

Presentation on our website:

  • Gamer tag
  • Xbox profile picture
  • Link to Xbox profile
  • Mapping of the gamer tag to the gaming squad(s)

Internal communication and administration of the WhatsApp groups:

  • Gamer tag
  • Mobile phone number

Internal administration and organisation:

  • Gamer tag
  • First name, last name
  • Mobile phone number
  • Games in possession

( 2 ) All gathered information will be treated confidentially.
Please note that the information presented on our website is, by definition, publicly accessible.
However, no further personal information, chat excerpts or similar will be passed on to third parties or used for other purposes than the administration of the clan.

( 3 ) Likewise, members are not permitted to pass on internal information or use them in any other way. In case of violation, we reserve the right to take legal action.


§ 13 Recruitment

( 1 ) Every member can propose candidates for joining the clan.

( 2 ) The decision about the admission is made by the clan leadership in consultation with the clan council.


§ 14 Leaving the clan

( 1 ) Voluntary withdrawal from the clan is possible at any time. Stating the reasons is desirable.

( 2 ) If the clan tag has been integrated into the gamer tag, it has to be removed after leaving.

( 3 ) A future resumption can be excluded, depending on the reason for withdrawal or exclusion.


§ 15 Acceptance

By joining the clan each member confirms that he has read, understood and accepted this membership agreement.


Effective from 15 October 2018

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